About Patrick Horsman

Patrick Horsman speaking at a conference

About Patrick Horsman, the entrepreneur and visionary

Patrick B. Horsman is a serial entrepreneur, leading the world with his innovative ideas and business strategies. His goal has been and continues to be to create and operate successful business opportunities.

Qualification and working experience

PB Horsman attended the University of Arizona, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2002 with a triple major in finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship. 

After graduation, Patrick co-founded Blue Sand Securities with his business partner, Michael Cooney. It was his first business he launched after college. Since then, he has ventured into many other business opportunities, dominantly taking the financial field head-on.

Giving back to society

Paving a way for future entrepreneurs to make a difference is something Patrick Brian Horsman agrees is essential. He understands the importance of leading those who will continue to create optimum business opportunities, thus the reasoning for the Patrick Horsman Giving scholarship grant. 

Education is the single most important key to building the future of entrepreneurs, to instill the principles and character for success. The Patrick Horsman Giving grant is the right step for those seeking to excel in the entrepreneurial field, with a scholarship for qualified individuals seeking  to pursue the necessary education while easing financial stress.

Making a difference

Over the years, PB Horsman has attained immense success and recognition for his various business initiatives and success. Continuing to triumph in strategic business ventures, Patrick shows no sign of decelerating his progress. Ambitious entrepreneurs can be inspired by his example and utilize the Foundation to create their own accomplishments. With this, he's pleased to offer the Patrick Horsman scholarship.